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Q. I was employed in June 2011 as an Army civilian. I served 33 years in the Marine Corps, out of which 14 years or so were active duty. I was still in the reserves when I was employed and retired from the reserves on July 1, 2011. My service computation date was computed to 08/27/97 for leave. After attending one of your seminars, I checked the government retirement and benefits website and my SCD on GRB is the same as my leave date. According to the GRB website, I am eligible for voluntary retirement on Jan. 18, 2020. Problem is, I did not buy back any military time. How can I correct this?

A. Go to, click on Forms, then click on Standard Forms and download either Standard Form 2803 Application to Make Deposit or Redeposit (CSRS) or SF 3109, Application to Make Service Credit Payment (FERS). Send the form to OPM. (The address is on the form.) They will tell you what you owe. You can then decide if you want to make the payment, which can be made in a lump sum or spread out.


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  1. Good for you Marine! I bought back 12years, and then worked FERS for another 15years. Retired 3months ago at 61, with my Army reserve pension and FERS annuity. Good times, good luck.

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