Military retired pay and Social Security benefits


Q. I retired from the Army in 1999 after 25 years of service. In 2000 I went to work for the Department of Defense. I’ll have completed 20 years there next year, when I plan to retire. At that time I’ll be 62. Will I be able to draw military and civil service retired pay and a Social Security benefit?

A. Yes, you will.


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  1. i have a 23 year military pension and have 15 years federal civil service can I draw social security at 65

  2. I receive retired military pay from my deceased husband. I worked for the post office 7 1/2 years and I’m 65 in 2020. Will my small postal retirement effect either Social Security or the military retirement

  3. I retire from both the military and I am receiving a FERS retirement (13 years with the federal government). Also, I am receiving social security due to my age (66 years old). Can I receive Texas Unemployment Compensation?

  4. I am retired military and a FERS Employee retiring from the the Federal government at the age of 62 with a disability payment (Non taxable). Will my retirement from the Military or disability be affected? and does it off set anything as I never brought my time back?

    • When you retire you’ll receive an annuity based solely on your years of civilian service. Receiving that annuity will have no affect on any benefits you are entitled to based on your military service.

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