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Q. I retired in 2011 with 35 years under CSRS. Am I automatically enrolled in Medicare? Which parts should I enroll in? Does my Blue Cross Blue Shield FEHB coverage continue on?

A. Since you aren’t already receiving benefit from Social Security, three months before you turn age 65 you’ll need to go to and sign up. You’ll automatically be entitled to Medicare Part A at no cost because you paid for that benefit through payroll deductions. If you decide to enroll in Part B, you’ll have to pay the premiums for that benefit. Regardless, your FEHB coverage will continue.


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    I transfer to fers after working csrs for 8 years without a break in service will I received two annuity checks on for my csrs offset and one for fers

    • You will receive one annuity check, but it will include one portion calculated for your CSRS service and the remainder for your FERS service. You’ll be entitled to annual cost-of-living increases on your CSRS portion; however, you’ll only begin receiving COLAs on your FERS service when you reach age 62.

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