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Q. I was retired on CSRS disability with 30 years of service at age 52. OPM has sent me a letter that I have made too much money for 2010 through 2012. I would have been eligible for full retirement in July 2009 (and will be age 60 in July 2014). What are my options? Can I convert to full retirement or discontinued service retirement? Can I do this retroactively to 2009?

Q. My husband retired under CSRS, and I expect to retire under FERS in a few years. When he retired, he elected survivor benefits for me, and I will do the same for him. What will be the rate the survivor will receive: only their benefit or their benefit plus the survivor portion? The answer will make a big difference in how comfortable we can live in retirement, before and after one of us passes.

Q. I am CSRS and presently employed be the Air Force. I paid my military deposit in full, and as I will never have Social Security quarters, I would like to have it refunded back to me. Although OPM cannot quote the regulation, they said that if I was still making payments on it I could request a refund but because it is paid in full I cannot. Can you quote the regulation that states that? Can you quote the regulation that says that I can have this refunded!

Q. I am 69 years old and will be 70 in December of this year. I was rehired by the government in January 2013 after a 31 year break in service. I had almost 12 years of prior service and I withdrew my CSRS retirement fund when I left the government in 1981. I am now planning to retire at the end of March of 2016 when my High-3 will be reestablished at my current GS12-10 salary. Since I have over 30 (consecutive) years of substantial earnings under Social Security, will the windfall elimination provision come into play when I…

Q. I was a federal worker covered by CSRS from 1975 to 1989. On leaving, I left my deposits there in the hope I would return. I did not, but I joined the reserves and worked the private sector. In 2008, I was discharged from the military. I was 53 when discharged.  I am considered unemployable by the VA and also receive Social Security Disability benefits.  There was a big hole in my Social Security deposit sheet the years I worked for the federal government and therefore receive a reduced SS  disability benefit. Since I am considered disabled currently, am I eligible…

Q. I am retired from the FBI.   I have 22 years covered under CSRS and 11 under FERS.  Because my FERS supplement ends in August when I turn 62, I plan to apply for Social Security,  who has advised my monthly benefit payment will be 1120.00.  My FERS supplement is approx 500.00 per month.  My question is:  When I begin receiving social security benefits in August, will I receive the entire 1120.00 or will it be reduced?

Q. My husband and I were both hit with reductions in force (RIFs) in 1997 due to base realignments, and while I managed to return to civil service, he did not.  Both of us were on CSRS, and I am still covered by CSRS. Is there any way we can accurately determine what his CSRS benefits would be in advance of applying for retirement?  And how do we apply for CSRS retirement when there’s been such a long break in service?

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