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Q. I’m considering resigning later this year at 54 with 14 years civil service (MRA is 56 years 2 months). I have a 20-year military retirement (retired 2004) and am considering paying the military deposit (estimate $20,000 or so). I also get $660 VA disability (40 percent) that equates to an additional $7,920 per year that wouldn’t be taken from a civilian annuity like it currently is from my military retirement. If I resign at 54 on a deferred retirement with 34 years creditable service (20 military plus 14 civilian) and don’t start taking the annuity until 60 (when it…

Q. I was a FERS employee who was involuntary separated (performance related) after 16.5 years with the U.S. Dept. of Labor. I separated in September 2003. In 2004 I took a refund of my retirement contributions. Am I entitled to any pension that would be based on the government’s contributions to my account? I was born in 1963 and would otherwise be eligible for my pension in about 18 months.

Q. Is there any benefit to postponing my retirement pension when I turn age 62? I am eligible then, as I will have the minimum five years’ creditable service through the Department of Veterans Affairs and four years’ active-duty Army. I plan to continue working in the private sector as long as possible. I would prefer to keep my government health insurance and life insurance, if possible.