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Q. I am a GS-15 with eight years of service. My entire office (including my senior manager) is on furlough. After the start of the furlough, I was offered and accepted a position in the private sector. My new employer understands the holding pattern federal employees are in and is being flexible on my start date in the new position. How do I resign during the furlough? Whom do I contact if I am prohibited from using my access to my federal information technology resources? Is there any advantage to waiting until the end of the furlough?

Q. I worked 20 years and one day with the Postal Service, stopping work in 2007. I worked a private job from 2007 through 2012. I have suffered leukemia since 1996. It became severe in 2012, which stopped my work. I am applying to Social Security to include my disability that is killing my mind function and limiting my life expectancy. I am 49 years old. If Social Security disability is awarded, what is available through FERS and how should I proceed?

Q. I have been with the Postal Service for 24 years, and I have an action for removal for nonperformance looming over me and a pending disability retirement application with the Office of Personnel Management. If I get terminated before OPM makes its decision, will that guarantee approval of disability retirement? What about insurance? If I get terminated, can I make some kind of arrangements to keep my health and life insurance? I must keep my health insurance with this medical condition and my family. I also need to hold on to my life insurance since my history is blotted.

Q. I was separated (resign or be fired) from the federal government in 2007 after more than 21 years of service. Twenty of those years were under FERS and the remainder were under CSRS. I was involuntarily converted to FERS in 1987. During 2007, I was not eligible for the MRA+10 retirement, but now I meet the requirements. I understand that I am eligible for an unreduced annuity at age 60. Can I wait until age 62 to receive a higher benefit amount? Do I get any credit for contributing to CSRS for one full year? How many months before…

Q. I am receiving a FERS disability retirement. I have 23 years of service (not counting time on disability) and will turn 50 in the coming months. I was on agency rolls until the award of my disability retirement, and then my agency separated me from service. If my disability annuity is terminated by the Office of Personnel Management, would I be considered involuntarily separated from federal service for purposes of qualifying for discontinued service retirement?

Q. I am 46 years old with 22 years in a 6(c) covered position. My agency removed me for failing to maintain my TS clearance (not for cause), which I continue to appeal via Merit Systems Protection Board. If I fail to be reinstated, can I work in the private sector and wait until age 50 to apply/receive my FERS special retirement? If no, can I resume federal employment and at age 50 apply/receive my FERS special retirement? Where can I find these guidelines? Is it an agency head approval situation?

Q. I’m preparing to leave FEMA (full-time, temp) after six years of service and transfer to the Veterans Affairs Department, with approximately 330 hours of accrued annual leave. Can I sell all or a portion of my earned leave, prior to leaving FEMA or after I start my new VA job?