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Q. I worked for the U.S. Postal Service under CSRS for 17 years and resigned in 1988 to work in private industry. I left my contributions in the retirement fund. Several years later, I went to work for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a FERS employee. Can my time with USPS be used toward my retirement with the Department of Veterans Affairs?

Q. I am a carrier for the post office. I was hired as a career employee in 1998. I have been under FERS from the start. However, I also worked as a career employee for the post office between November 1978 and March 1984 under CSRS. I recently filled out Form 3108 to try and buy back those 5½ years toward my retirement. After such a long break in service, will I still remain under FERS, or will I be classified as a CSRS offset?

Q. I took an early retirement incentive from the Postal Service beginning Jan. 31, after serving 23 years, at age 56. I have started receiving my annuity benefit from the post office, but have yet to get the special retirement supplement that I was supposed to receive. Do I have to communicate with anyone special, or do I just have to wait for things to be calculated?

Q. I have been receiving Social Security Disability Insurance for a total disability since 2008. From 1981 to 1989, I was a CSRS offset employee in the USPS. When I tried to apply for my CSRS pension, I was informed by letter that I had to wait until I reached age 62, which is unlikely, or withdraw the small amount I contributed as a lump sum. Is it not possible to apply for and receive my CSRS pension when completely disabled? I have read CSRS Pamphlet No. 7 and searched the website Q&A, and I am very confused.

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