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Q. I am a 66-year-old FERS employee with 31 years of service and may be offered Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay in the next few weeks. 1. If I resign to get VSIP instead of retire, will I be eligible for unemployment benefits? 2. What is the timeline for date of departure once a decision is made? Next pay period? 30 days? Negotiable?

Q. I am in CSRS Offset. I am 56 with 29 years of Veterans Affairs Department service. Do I have to wait until November 2014, when I will have 30 years of service, before I can obtain retirement benefits? My service was involuntarily interrupted when I was “laid off” for a three-month period. It was never technically referred to as a reduction in force, but I did obtain unemployment during that period. Is there any way I can get credit for that?

Q. I am a Postal Service employee whose plant was recently closed. They are talking about a possible reduction in force after the first of the year if I don’t find a job. If that happens, I believe I am eligible for unemployment benefits. I am also eligible to retire, which I did not plan on doing, but if that happens, can I collect my pension and also unemployment benefits? I read the laws in New Jersey concerning that and I believe they are reduced.

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