Q: Is the provision in the new health care law for children 26 years old or younger to be on their parents’ health plan to be delayed until Jan. 1, 2011 for those in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, rather than the quoted six months after signature by the president? A: To quote the Office of Personnel Management, “The effective date of this provision is the first day of the plan year that is six months following enactment of the law. For the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, that means January 1, 2011.”

Q: I am eligible for retirement unders the Civil Service Retirement System in 2012 at age 55 after 37 years of service. I carried health insurance since I began my career in 1975, until I dropped it and enrolled in my husband’s plan (not government) in the mid-1990s.  I recently found out that my spouse’s plan will only cover me after his death for one year. This year, I enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan (FEHBP) because of the five-year rule, and now I have to work some additional years after 2012 to account for this. My question…

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