Q. My husband works for private industry and is covered under his company’s group health plan, which is Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I am a federal employee and have been covered under the FEHB by GEHA for over 30- years. May I change to the FEHB’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield during open season even if my husband is covered under the same health insurance company? Would that be like a married couple having two separate Blue Cross/Blue Shield policies with separate deductibles, or can both my husband and I be carried under each other’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan?

Q. I am submitting this on behalf of my mother who retired with CSRS. She is now 87 years old. She and my father have been with BCBS (Standard Option, Self & Family) since her retirement over 30 years ago. With the recent change in BCBS, where she can re-enroll as Self Plus One? She is afraid that she may lose their only health plan if she enrolls as Self Plus One. Does the standard 5 years or more still apply, or can retirees change their plans to reflect Self Plus One without penalty — the penalty being that it may look like she’s a…

Q. I was excited to see FEHB offer Self Plus One coverage for the first time. Since I am now retired with 38 years of service and have paid Self and Family for almost 35 years, my wife and I thought we might save money. But when I saw the BCBS premiums for 2016 and the difference between my Self and Family and Self Plus One, I was hugely disappointed. Why is it only about $8 less per month?

The legislative branch of government may seem like it spends most of its time in tugs of war over major legislation. Well, it does. However, it also finds time to introduce – and sometimes pass – bills that could affect your future, that could either give or take away benefits. In this column I want to highlight a few bills that may be important to you. Access to Insurance for All Americans Act Introduced by Rep. Darrel Issa, R-Calif., H.R, 138 would repeal the Affordable Care Act. In its place a national health program would be established. Administered by…

Q. I am a 30-year USPS employee, and my wife is a 20-year employee. We both plan to retire in 2017. She has been my dependent on my health insurance. Does she need to get her own health insurance before she retires? What happens if I die; can she keep my health insurance?

Q. I am currently a USPS letter carrier covered by Samba under FEHB. I plan to retire in November 2016. May I switch to another provider (i.e., Blue Cross Blue Shield) during open enrollment, or do I have to be covered under the same provider for five years to continue coverage after retirement?

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