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Q. My husband is a non-fed. I’ve got 28 years in with the Defense Department. I’ve had self-and-family GEHA for all of those 28 years. My husband is three years younger than I am and will retire at 62 (in 2015). I don’t plan to retire until 2016. I know I can carry over my Federal Employees Health Benefits into retirement, which will also insure my husband (due to the annuity I will provide for him from my retirement). If I pass away before I retire in 2016, will my husband be able to maintain the FEHB I have been…

Q. If my spouse waives the survivor benefit at the time of my retirement (currently 30 years as an 1811 employee), will she still be eligible for Federal Employees Health Benefits before and after I die if she survives me? Also, will my children under age 26 still be covered by FEHB after I retire, as long as I am still enrolled?

Q. I’m older than my spouse, and am already on Medicare Part A. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield for Part B, and that is our primary family insurance. When I retire, I understand that I must take Part B of Medicare (I’ll be 73 when I retire). However, my spouse will only be 61 — too young for Medicare — so I plan to continue BC/BS family plan. Do I still need to sign up for Medicare Part B even though I’ll keep the BC/BS? Or should I just keep the BC/BS for single coverage (for my spouse)?

Q. Our family is covered under my retired husband’s Federal Employees Health Benefits plan. I have a health plan available through my work (but am not enrolled in the plan), but will not have that option available upon my retirement. Under the Affordable Care Act, will I lose my eligibility to my husband’s FEHB?  Would I be eligible again for FEHB if I no longer have access through my employment (unemployed or retired)?

Q. My wife and I are both federal law enforcement officers and plan on retiring in seven years. Currently, the family health plan is under my wife. If she dies before me during retirement, am I still automatically covered under our Federal Employees Health Benefits plan because I was also a federal retiree and have been covered for five years before retiring?

Q. Did the Affordable Care Act make it mandatory for a federal employee to cover his or her children under the age of 26 on their Federal Employees Health Benefits coverage? In other words, if a child under the age of 26 has his or her own health care, and the parent is enrolled in a self-only plan, is the parent forced under the ACA to change to a self-and-family plan?

Q. I am a 66-year-old military retiree who has health insurance coverage under Medicare parts A & B and Tricare for Life. In addition, I retired under FERS, but I have never had individual Federal Employees Health Benefits because I have been covered under my wife’s (a FERS civil servant) family FEHB plan for 20 years. She is retiring in a month and plans to continue her FEHB policy for at least five years until she reaches age 65, when she is Medicare eligible. If my wife switches at retirement from a family to an individual FEHB plan, will I…

Q. I have GEHA health insurance and primary and Tricare Standard as secondary coverage. When I reach age 65, my wife will be 64. Thus, how will Medicare apply to she and I? Must I keep my Federal Employees Health Benefits insurance until she is 65 to be covered by Medicare? I think my Tricare coverage will convert over to Tricare for Life at 65.

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