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Q. I am five years older than my wife, retired under CSRS and about to turn 65 in January. My wife is a federal employee and has been covered as a dependent under my family policy for many years. She may be retiring within three years or so. I plan to sign up for Medicare parts A and B and keep Blue Cross coverage so I don’t need to sign up for Medicare Part D. 1. I understand it may be cheaper under Medicare to have individual Blue Cross policies rather than a family policy. 2. Also, my wife can…

Q. I am CSRS Offset with more than 31 years of service. I had insurance through my husband’s work until five years ago. Then I signed up for Federal Employees Health Benefits single coverage health insurance. His insurance continued to cover him and our children. Later, a co-worker told me that, to have FEHB family coverage in retirement, I would have to have five years of family coverage before I retire.

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