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Q. I have two questions: The first is about the special retirement supplement and law enforcement officers. Is it true that the earning limitation doesn’t start until LEOs reach their minimum retirement age? My second question: Can an LEO pay deposits and re-deposits, or buy back or waive military service to be creditable in an LEO computation for retirement? Or does the actual 20 years have to be worked?

Q. I am currently a LEO under 6c retirement in FERS. I can retire in two years. I am also retired from the military, and receiving my monthly pension. When I retire from the government, I will be getting a Social Security supplement since we are mandated to retire at 57 years old. I was told by a co-worker that my Social Security supplement will be reduced since I am receiving a military pension. Is this true? 

Q. I am a CBP officer; I joined in 1989 at 28 years old. Prior to this I was in the Air Force for 8 years, 5 months. I am under the FERS retirement program. In 2008 my position became a covered LEO position. I plan to retire in 2019. But since I have bought back my military time, could I retire at MRA and collect my full annuity and the OPM supplement as an LEO?

Q. I currently have 23 years of law enforcement experience and just reached 50 years old, so I am eligible to retire. If I accept a TERM position with the FDIC, can I still retire at any time, or do I need to reach MRA for my age group? If I keep the law enforcement retirement, who handles the retirement when I do decide to go? How will the FDIC time count toward my retirement calculations?

Q. I am 44-years-old and just transferred to the Federal Bureau of Prisons from the VA. I have eight years of civil service and 13 years of Active duty in the Army under my belt. Does my active duty time, when bought back, count toward the 20-25 year law enforcement officers retirement?