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Q. I signed up for Medicare in 2015, and now I’m signed up for Social Security. I’ve been asked about signing up for Part B; when I had checked about it last year I was told that I didn’t have to sign up — it was up to me. Should I get Part B? If I should but end up not signing up, I imagine it’s going to cost me a lot of money.

Q. If one decides to defer Medicare Part B at age 65 and continue with health care coverage under FEHBP, is there a penalty? I have read that it is 10 percent a year for each year after 65 — is this true? Is there a ceiling on the penalty amount?

Q. I am retiring at age 62 under the FERS retirement system. The health care coverage I have is FEHB family coverage. When my spouse turns 65, will she need to sign up for Medicare A and B? I would be 63 and ineligible for Medicare while my wife WOULD be eligible. How would that affect my FEHB family coverage and costs? Should my wife sign up for Medicare A & B at age 65 even though I retired at age 62?

Q. My dad is retired under CSRS with survivor benefits for his spouse (my mother) and maintains his FEHB insurance. My mother is covered under his FEHB also. She is 71. When she retired over a year ago, she signed up for Medicare Part A & B. Can she terminate Medicare Part B even though she has been on Part B for more than 12 months and she is over age 70? A. To discontinue her coverage under Medicare Part B, she’ll have to call the phone number on her Medicare card and talk to a Medicare representative.

Q. I recently read your comment regarding Medicare part A and Blue Cross coverage being sufficient for most retirees (according to NARFE). In your opinion, would Medicare parts A and B be sufficient for most retirees without Blue Cross coverage? It appears to me that route would be cheaper, but would the coverage be as good? Also, have there been any developments concerning self-plus-one rates for any of the health insurance policies offered to employees or retirees? A. Only you can determine if the coverage would be as good for you. As for the self-plus-one option, OPM has postponed implementing…

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