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Q. I am hoping to leave service at 59 years old with 25 years of service. I was planning to postpone my annuity start date until I was 60. My understanding is if I postpone and do not defer my annuity, I could resume as if I just left service. I would be entitled to health insurance and my supplement until age 62; if I deferred I would be ineligible for either. I believe the words “postpone” and “defer” are not the same, though are similar in meaning. Do I need to meet my minimum retirement age to qualify for a postponed retirement?

Q. I have two questions: The first is about the special retirement supplement and law enforcement officers. Is it true that the earning limitation doesn’t start until LEOs reach their minimum retirement age? My second question: Can an LEO pay deposits and re-deposits, or buy back or waive military service to be creditable in an LEO computation for retirement? Or does the actual 20 years have to be worked?

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