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Q. I retired as a GS-13 in August 2013, with 38 years of service under CSRS. I was offered a $26,000 buyout from my agency (I was 57 years old when I retired). If I were to return to federal service, would I return under CSRS? Is there a time requirement when I can return (for instance, do I have to wait 5 years after I retired)? Also, would I have to re-pay the $26,000 buyout payment, and/or any of my retirement contributions that I have received, if I were to return before the 5-year time span?

Q. If I were to go to work as a seasonal IRS employee as a GS-4 (which I have been offered), would my salary be taken out of my GS-11 annuity? Would I, therefore, be working for free?

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