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Q. I retired from the Postal Service approximately eight years ago after 11 years of service to pursue other aspirations. I am curious about the chance and opportunity to be reinstated. I am nearing age 40 and would like to get back into a solid foundation. I worked as a distribution clerk and a window clerk, but would really like to move into a position, if allowed, that deals with the mechanics of the machines and computers since I was doing that work there, as well. Who would I be able to contact for information regarding my query? Is there…

Q. What are the “rare exceptions” to having your salary reduced by your annuity amount when re-entering the federal job market? What if the job pays less than my annuity? I see the following over and over in the forums, but no additional info: “As a rule, your salary would be offset by the amount of your annuity and you would be able to contribute to the retirement fund. If you worked for a full year, you’d receive a supplemental annuity; if you worked for five years, you’d receive a redetermined annuity. On the other hand, there are certain limited…

Q. I got a letter from the National Association of Retiring Federal Employees stating, “Federal agencies are now re-employing federal retirees on a limited part-time basis without an offset to their annuity.” Can you explain this a little further? How would I find and apply for one of these positions?

Q. I retired in 2004 under the D.C. Police and Firefighters Retirement System (Metro Plan) and immediately re-entered the federal government as a permanent full-time employee. My second career will consist of 11 years. I assume I will be able to continue to receive my current annuity and draw a smaller second annuity from my 11-year service. Is that true?

 Q. In 2012, I retired after 35 years of federal service (CSRS). I had been diagnosed with a rare bone cancer and decided that I had to address my health issue and quit working. It has now been 1½ years since I retired, and I am in remission and would like to go back to work at my prior position. Is this possible? What will it do to my annuity?

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