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Q. I’m getting mixed advice about the maximum amount of time my current agency can retain me because it is not a transfer within the agency, but to an external agency. I have asked the human resources specialist to provide me with the Office of Personnel Management regulation that allows my current agency to retain me for 30 days. After two days, she indicated she is still researching it. I have scoured the OPM site and I have found nothing. Can you clear this up for me?

Q. Is an office closure that forces employees into a Discontinued Service Early Retirement considered voluntary or involuntary when the employee is rehired as a re-employed annuitant.  Namely, if involuntary, not subject to new Federal Salary offset. A. If you choose to retire in the face of a reduction-of-force, your retirement is voluntary. If you are separated by a RIF, it’s involuntary. However, no matter which way you went, it would have no affect on the amount you’d have to contribute to the retirement fund if you were re-employed by the federal government. The higher contribution rate doesn’t apply to…

Q. I work at an airport as an air traffic controller for the FAA. The airport is not very busy with commercial traffic, and I am curious what the FAA would do with me if they shut down the air traffic control tower where I work at because of inactivity. If there were a reduction in force for air traffic controllers in the FAA, would they base it on our service computation date?

Q. I noticed you can retire during a reduction in force at below the minimum retirement age with 25 years of service. However, I’ve also read that those people are not entitled to the special retirement supplement since they are below MRA. Can they be paid the supplement once they reach MRA, even though previously retired?

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