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Q. I am a civilian Defense Department employee with approximately 12 years of civil service time (10 years active duty and two as a civilian). I believe a reduction in force is going to happen in the next year and, during that time, I will be mobilized in the Navy Reserve. Can I be let go during that mobilization time?

Q. I am a federal employee who was a temporary firefighter for two years, then because of the hiring freeze, I was let go. I have been rehired under FERS-RAE. I was told that I can buy back my previous two years. Can I? If I buy the time back, can I be placed back into the FERS retirement system or do I have to stay in the FERS-RAE?

Q. I’m a nonveteran employee and work for the Department of the Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I have just received a reduction-in-force simple employee data letter (PER-114). I am just shy of making a year with little over a month to go. Am I in trouble of losing my job? My appointment type is competitive career conditional.

Q. I am retired from the Air Force after 22 years of service. I have been in FERS since 2005. In my office of five individuals, I was the last hired. I am thinking about buying my military service back. If I did this, would my service computation date change after I paid my deposit or would my SCD only change if I waived my retirement pay? Would buying back my time put me into a higher position with my peers if a reduction in force were to happen?

Q. In June, I scheduled a total knee replacement surgery for Oct. 22. That will put me on sick leave for six to eight weeks (maybe longer) and then light duty. On July 1, my agency announced a reduction in force with notices going out in September, the RIF effective Nov. 20 and people off the rolls Nov. 30. I am 59 with 19 years and four months of service. My service computation date is Dec. 15, 1979. My SCD for leave is March 7, 1994. I have planned to retire Mar 31, 2014. If I am RIFed, I would…

Q. I am 62 years and 10 months old with 21 years in civil service. I converted to nonappropriated funds four years ago but kept my FERS retirement plan. I am also a retired disabled veteran. I received a reduction-in-force notice due to my garrison closing. Assigned employees in the closing garrison were not offered Voluntary Early Retirement Authority/Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay, but nearby communities were. What is the best course of action in this matter?

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