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Q. I am 53 years old and have over 10 years of creditable service for FERS retirement. If I am involuntarily separated due to a reduction in force, will I be entitled to a reduced deferred retirement at age 56? Also, if I am RIF’d can I get both the severance pay at separation and the reduced deferred retirement at age 56?

Q. I am a federal law enforcement officer with 17 years employment with the U.S. District Court. With the economy on the decline, I have serious concerns that staff who earn a significant salary will be forced to retire before their 57th birthday to save the district money. Is forced retirement legal? Can an employee be forced to leave before their mandatory age? Can they be forced out once they reach 20 years of service even if it’s long before the mandatory age?

Q. I have 26 years of service (FERS) and am 51 years old in the Defense Department. I am told that a reduction in force is coming. I understand that if I am RIF’ed, it is the same result as a Voluntary Early Retirement Authority without the Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay. Since my organization is not offering VERA/VSIP, can I volunteer to take the RIF?

Q. I am a new civil employee. I received an early-out due to force reduction. I am a 50 percent disability veteran I paid the severance pay to the Veterans Affairs Department before I could receive compensation. Now I want buy back my military time toward federal retirement. Is the severance pay included in my total earnings during my active duty? If so, is severance pay deducted from the amount to buy back time, since it was paid to the VA?

Q. I am 57, have worked for the Postal Service for 26 years, qualified for minimum retirement age last July. What circumstances for retirement would entitle me to the special retirement supplement to be paid until I am age 62? In September 2014, my office hours will be reduced to six per day and my wages will be cut. Will I be offered a reduction in force so I can retire with a supplement at that time? Or will I just have to take a cut in pay and a cut in hours and not be considered a postmaster anymore?

Q. I am a career conditional GS employee who can buy back more than 10 years of military time for FERS. I just learned you have to have five years to be vested in FERS and that this five years has to civil service. If I buy back my time and I am RIF’d prior to completing the five years, what happens to the money I paid in since I will not be eligible for FERS?

Q. I am a FERS employee with 28 years of service and have met my minimum retirement age. I will not be eligible for full retirement for another two years when I am 60 and have 30 years of service. If I am offered a Voluntary Early Retirement Authority/Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay (I work for the Army), will I get an annuity reduction if the offer is not a reduction in force?

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