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Q. I’m a FERS employee. Can I retire at age 53 with 25 years of service? A. No you can’t, unless your agency offers you that opportunity because it is undergoing substantial restructuring, reshaping, downsizing, a transfer of function, or reorganization. If they aren’t, you can always resign and apply for an unreduced annuity when you reach age 60. Or you could retire under the MRA+10 provision when you reach your minimum retirement age, which would be 56 and 4 months. However, in that case your annuity would be reduced by 5 percent per year (5/12ths of 1 percent per…

Q. How many years of continuous FERS service do I need with the federal government to be eligible for a retirement benefit? A. It depends on your age. As a FERS employee, you can retire at your minimum retirement age with 30 years of service, 60 with 20 or 62 with 5. (MRAs range from 55 to 57, depending on your birth year.) You can also retire at your MRA with as few as 10 years of service; however, your annuity would be reduced by 5 percent for every year (5/12ths of 1 percent per month) that you were under…

Q. I’ve reached my minimum retirement age and have 29 years under FERS. I have more than 2,400 hours of sick leave. Will the sick leave time be added to my actual service and make me eligible to retire? A. No, it won’t. Sick leave is only added after you have reached the right combination of years and service to retire on an immediate annuity.

Q. I’m considering retiring/resigning. My husband is already retired and waiting on me. I’m 53 and have 21 years in. What are my options? A. If you want to leave government now, you have only one option: You can resign and, because you have at least 20 years of service, apply for a deferred retirement at age 60. 

Q. I resigned from the federal government after 27.5 years of government service. I was 55 years old, and was told because I did not leave at my MRA with 56 years of service, I would not be eligible for FEHB or life insurance. I was planning to initiate my paperwork for retirement at 58 years old. Am I still eligible for medical/life insurance when I apply for retirement at age 58?

Q. I am a 48-year-old FERS employee and considering resignation with almost 28 years of federal service. If I resign now (age 48), at age 60 do I submit a request to the Office of Personnel Management to collect pension high-3 (28 years of service)? If this is so, would this be considered a postponed or deferred retirement?

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