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Q. I had 16 years as a FERS employee and bought back my four years of active-duty time (20 years). When I left my federal job, I was told by human resources to apply for my deferred retirement at my minimum retirement age (56 years old) because taking the penalty (2 percent a year for every year under 60) was still better because it would take 18 years to make up the difference if I waited until age 60 to draw the annuity. Does that sound correct to you? I left federal service at age 46.

Q. I am on military leave without pay on presidential recall orders. I was promoted to GS-12, Step 1 a few months prior to being mobilized on military orders. If I’m involuntarily extended on military orders for three years then return to my civilian employment and request deferred annuity, would my high-3 be based on GS-12 Step 1 that I held for a few months prior to being mobilized? Based on my career GS level, can you tell me my current high 3? 2000-2006 = GS-8, Step 6 2007 = GS-7, Step 8 2008 =GS-5, Step 10 2009 =GS-7, Step…

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