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Q. I plan to work until my minimum retirement age, which is in eight years. I work part time (80 percent of the time) and will have worked for the government for 35 years (1986-2021). But my total service computation years will only be 27 when I reach my MRA. Will I be eligible for the MRA plus 30 because I worked for 35 years or only the MRA plus 10 (with the significant penalty) because I worked 27 years based on the service computation?

Q. I became eligible for MRA +10 on May 14. I resigned June 1. I turned 60 on Aug. 1. I will not apply for my retirement annuity until I turn 62. I was told that I can apply for an annuity when I turn 62 on Aug. 1, 2015 and that, at that time, I am also eligible for federal government insurance. Is this correct? Additionally, if it is correct, what do federal retirees pay for health insurance in 2013 (Blue Cross/Blue Shield self-only). I realize that the price will be different in 2015.

Q. I am a FERS employee. I am planning to do an immediate retirement (MRA +10). Date of birth: March 1952. Service computation date: February 1996. This gives me 17 years in FERS and well within the minimum retirement age. I would like to postpone the receipt of my annuity until my next birthday (62), eliminating the penalty. This should allow me to use all my sick leave for annuity computation. Is this possible?

Q. I am 52 years old with four years of federal service. My understanding is that I can leave federal service after five years of service (at age 53) and still receive a pension when I reach age 62. Is that correct? Also, I am trying to determine how many more years of service I need to keep federal health insurance after leaving the government. My understanding is that I need six more years, for a total of 10 years, at which time I will be close to age 59. If I remain with the federal government for 10 years…

Q. I am a FERS employee. I reach my minimum retirement age in October with 36 years of service. I plan to work until January 2015. I was told by a retired co-worker that he was offered a Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay two years ago, but he did not accept it. He did not accept the VSIP because he was informed if he took the VSIP, then he would not be eligible for the special retirement supplement. If a VSIP is offered next year, I would consider retiring early if it meant that I would lose the special retirement supplement.…

Q. I am 51 and was born in 1961. I work in FERS. My MRA, I believe, is 56. I have 28 years in federal service. Will I get an annuity if I retire now before my MRA? If I do get an annuity, how big a reduction will it be from the pension I would get if I retired at 56? Also, I have seven months of sick leave. Do I lose it all when I retire, or does it get applied as service credit?

Q. I have an Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs claim on an injury sustained at work. My physician put me on restrictions for three months. My agency has not contacted me in over a week and I’m using sick leave while I wait on their job offer. If they are not able to offer me a job any time soon, could I submit for regular disability under FERS, and also Social Security. If I am not approved for disability, and a job offer is not given, then can I take a regular retirement with unreduced annuity and also get the…

Q. You responded to a recent question regarding someone retiring from the Senate at age 50 with 21 years of service. He asked if he would be eligible for the special retirement supplement at age 56. You responded by saying yes if he was FERS. If I work for the Postal Service and have almost 28 years, am 58 years of age, and am under FERS, would I be eligible for the supplement if I retired?

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