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Q. How does the accumulation of sick leave factor into the overall retirement calculation? I plan on retiring in four years and will have accumulated more than a year’s worth of sick leave. I want to use it toward retirement. I will be 63 with 18 years of service as a civil servant. I’m retired military, as well.

Q. I would not want to give back a year’s worth of pay, 200 hours more worth of annual leave and another 100 hours of sick leave. Take a look around — how many managers do you see giving back? They are by far the worst offenders when it comes to abuse of sick leave. The term hypocrite doesn’t even come close to describing what they practice.

Q. My husband died suddenly. He had been away from work because of an illness for three weeks. Had he lived, which we expected, he would have gone on disability like his doctor recommended. He did not apply for that as his death came so suddenly — a week after he was told this. I am receiving a CSRS survivor benefit from his pension. However, if he had received it, it would be double. If he paid in all those years (37 at the U.S. Postal Service and three in the military), shouldn’t they be paying all of it out? Do they just get to keep half of…

Q. Back in 2002, I went on LWOP due to PCS. It expired in 2003, and a month later, I was picked back up at a job and told that I could not have my sick leave reinstated. How can I find out if I am still eligible to have mine looked at and reinstated?

Q. I will be retiring in December 2015. I have about 10 years of CSRS system time with around 350 hours of sick leave. I am currently a FERS employee with a total of 1,300 hours of sick leave. When my time is computed, will any remaining sick leave from CSRS that does not equal a full month be carried over to my FERS sick leave computation, or will that be dropped and lost? If so, it is conceivable I might lose 170 hours of sick leave from CSRS and another 170 hours from FERS?

Q. When I retire under CSRS, I will have 42 years, four months and seven days of service. I will have a sick leave balance of approximately 584 hours. I was told that since I will be at the maximum, the 30-day rule for computation doesn’t apply (I believe 584 hours is three months and 11 days). In this case, the 11 days would not be dropped, and they would figure out my additional annuity with the 11 days in there for sick leave. Is this true or would it turn out that they drop 11 days? Or would they drop 18…

Q. If I retire under the MRA+10 provision, what happens to my unused sick leave? For example, if I retire as soon as I reach my Minimum Retirement Age with 12 years of service, and I have over 900 hours of unused sick leave, will I be credited as though I worked a few months past my MRA for the purpose of my annuity calculation, thus reducing a small portion of the age reduction for retiring before age 62?

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