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Q. I’m under CSRS for 37 years and just found out that I should have been placed in CSRS Offset in November 1998. Is it worth it to appeal the Office of Personnel Management’s decision to place me in CSRS Offset? Or should I accept that there is nothing I can do and let it go?

Q. I retired in September 2012 under CSRS Offset. My husband passed away 8½ years ago. I am about to turn 60 and will apply for Social Security spousal benefits. The Office of Personnel Management is telling me my annuity will still be reduced at age 62, when I am eligible for Social Security under my work record. Is this true?

Q. I am a 25-year federal employee hired under CSRS in 1979. I had a break in service in 1981 and, when I returned to the federal government in 1983, I was told because my break in service was more than 12 months, I was converted over to CSRS Offset. Without any discussion or choice. Can I challenge this conversion? How will my sick leave (900 hours) be handled under the Offset when I am eligible?

Q. I am a CSRS Offset, retired in 2008 with 30 years of service. I will turn 65 in September. I have several medical conditions that require long-term care. I was told by the Office of Personnel Management that I would have to give up my federal medical coverage and take Medicare. If that is the case, I would prefer to keep my federal medical coverage. What are my options? Can I refuse Medicare? And what are the repercussions of that decision?

Q. I am 66 years old and employed by the Peace Corps as staff. I am receiving my CSRS Offset, which is subtracted from my Peace Corps Salary. However, when I  eventually leave the Peace Corps, I was told that after three years of Peace Corps service, I will be eligible to recalculate my top three years’ salary, which are significantly higher than my original retirement CSRS Offset retirement benefit calculation amount. Is that true?

Q. I have just retired after 31 years and 10 months of service as a federal law enforcement officer. My retirement was mandatory at age 57. I have over 20 years in 6c position. I am under CSRS Offset. I would like to collect Social Security as well as my government pension at age 57. Can I receive Social Security benefits at age 57? At age 62, what amount are my benefits offset?

Q. I am 66 and still working and covered under CSRS offset. I have 30 years of substantial Social Security qualification. Twenty of those years with the federal government. Trying to decide if I take Social Security now rather than at age 69, when expect to retire. If I take it now, will my Social Security deduction off of CSRS be taken at the current rate (66) or will it be at the rate when I retire (69)?

Q. I served in the military from June 1974 to April 1981. I was then hired by civil service in April 1983 as a temporary employee. I was picked up as permanent in July 1984, and my service computation date is June 1976. For whatever reason, when FERS was implemented, I was left in the original CSRS retirement plan and have been paying into CSRS for 29 years and 11 months. I applied for retirement computation last month and was notified by the human resource office that I will have to switch to FERS or CSRS offset to retire. Since…

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