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Q. I live in Washington state, I’m a widower and I receive a federal annuity. I’m in a relationship with a widow. Unable to marry because my partner would lose her survivor benefit from her late husband. Does FEHB recognize opposite-sex domestic partnership as Washington state does? I know FEHB does not recognize same-sex domestic partnership.

Q. My husband recently started working for the federal government. I am his second wife. His former wife died. I did not see his benefit papers, so I’m assuming that when he passes away, I will be able to receive his benefits and not his grown children from his first marriage. Is that correct? Is he allowed by law (without my consent) to add his grown children to his benefits without my knowledge and/or consent?

Q. I am considering marrying a CSRS retiree. What happens to a retiree’s annuity when he dies? Does the spouse receive any benefit? If so, what are the eligibility requirements — i.e. length of marriage, age of spouse, date of marriage (getting married before or after retirement), etc.?

Q. I am a 33-year Postal Service employee. Thirty-three years ago, union officials told me that the government was working on eliminating CSRS Offset and the windfall elimination provision all civil service employees. As of today, they are both still in place. I feel lied to and cheated by my government. Politicians can collect multiple pensions, yet if I try and collect my Social Security benefits, though I have worked enough quarters, I would be penalized. Then, if my spouse dies, I am not entitled to her Social Security benefits, as I understand it. Is there a chance that these…

Q. I presently have both Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Family Plan) and Tricare medical coverage. I’m retired military and a full-time Defense Department employee. I’m turning 65 this month and am thoroughly confused about mandatory Part A/Part B enrollment and how this will affect by 62-year-old wife’s coverage. When I went to sign up, I chose Part A only as I thought my BCBS coverage was my assurance that she would continue to have both insurances. Today, it was brought to my attention that my Tricare coverage will phase out on my birthday, and I will not have a secondary insurance…

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