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Q. I am FERS — age 56 with 17 years of service. If my duty location relocates to another state, and I do not wish to relocate, would I receive a retirement package? If so, would it be similar to a VSIP entitlement where you would get $25,000 plus the weekly severance pay for 52 weeks, which shows under my own general pay information in the TWMS site? Also, at that point after the year of severance would I fall into a retirement at that time? Would I still accrue annual and sick leave during the severance payment time?

Q. I am 53 years  and eight months old, I have 28 years and eight months civil service. I am in FERS. My agency is offering the VERA/VSIP. If I submit an application and I am accepted for either of these would this affect my Social Security supplement? My MRA is 56. Does the MRA change with the VERA/VSIP? A. No, your MRA doesn’t change nor does the amount of the SRS you’re entitled to. They remain the same.

Q. I’m a retirement eligible FERS employee also eligible for the supplement when I retire. I’m thinking of retiring this Dec. 31 since I may be offered a VSIP to retire due to force restructuring. Will a VSIP payment count against the 15K something minimum level of earnings? A. No, it won’t. The limit applies only to earnings from wages or self employment.

Q. My agency sent out applications to apply for VERA/VSIP. I am 57 years old (MRA is 56). I have a almost 34 years creditable service. With my sick leave it will be almost 35 years. Will I be VERA or VSIP? Is one better than the other, or do I even have a choice?

Q. I am a discontinued service rehired annuitant. I worked at a U.S. Army post and was phased out during a base closure and realignment in 2011. I received priority placement in 2012 at a nearby Army post and was rehired. I’ve been here almost two years. VERA/VSIP is now being offered with a $25,000 buyout. I have the age and years in. I’m not interested in leaving yet; but as a FERS rehired annuitant, would I be eligible for the VERA/VSIP $25,000 buyout presently being offered?

Q. I am a CSRS employee, 55 years old with 31 years of service. If I receive a voluntary separation incentive payment, is it reduced by six weeks of severance pay I received in 1997? Would my spouse be able to keep FEHB family plan if I die? When I use the advanced retirement calculator it shows 75 percent reduction for basic insurance. Is that automatic? And does FEGLI pay out the same death benefit as currently indicated in my Employee Benefit Information System?

Q. I retired 20 months ago and received a voluntary separation incentive payment. I can get a non-career part-time job with the U.S. Post Office that has no benefits with it. I retired from an army base public works which is DOD. Will this job effect my VSIP and retirement?

Q. Would I be eligible for a Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay if offered? I am 57 and will have 33 years of service under CSRS in June. I took an NTE position in 2009 that ended in Sept 2011 and was unemployed from Sept. 30, 2011, to June 2012, when I was reinstated. Because I had the break in service — and since that break have been working less than three years continuously, would that make me ineligible for a buyout? Also, is there a limit on how many times you can be turned down for a VSIP or any…

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