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Q. I began working for the Defense Department in 1981. In 1993, I took a Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay. I received severance pay at that time. I came back to work in 1998. My adjusted service computation date is 1987. I have 26 years with DoD, and I am 52. If a Voluntary Early Retirement Authority is offered and I apply, provided I am approved, would I receive severance pay minus the amount I received in 1993 or none at all?

Q. I have been approved for a Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay and, on the letter, it asked me if I ever received severance pay. I did when my Defense Department position at the base I worked closed in 1996. I received eight weeks of severance pay. I was put on priority placement and accepted a position in DoD in August 1997. I have worked the same position since. What, if anything, does my severance pay have to do with the VSIP payout. Does the amount get reduced by the severance pay I received at the other DoD position?

Q. I retired in March 2012. I got a Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment paid to me after I retired. I started my Social Security at that time. I have recently gotten several confusing letters from the Social Security Administration saying I owe them different sums of money for overpayment due to having too much income. They are including my buyout gross payment as regular income. Is there some official source you can give me to pass onto them that my $25,000 should not be considered in my earnings putting me over the limit for receiving benefits following my retirement. I…

Q. I am 52 years old, 25 years in FERS, potentially being offered a Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay. If I do the VSIP, I will be employable at my current salary outside the government. If I take the VSIP, can I carry my Federal Employees Health Benefits into retirement if I pay for it? Can I delay collecting my retirement until age 62 and carry my FEHB through to retirement?

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