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Q. I work for the postal service. Can I buy back the time I was on workers’ compensation? Does it count toward my retirement? A. Because you weren’t approved for disability retirement, the time you spent on workers’ compensation will be treated as Leave Without Pay and will be fully creditable for determining your length of service and used in the computation of your annuity. No deposit is required for you to get than credit.

Q. I was forced into applying for retirement, being on Workers’ Compensation and was “separated in 2002 with 25 years of service. I am 70 and still on Workers’ Compensation. I would like to withdraw my retirement lump-sum. Can  I still keep my life insurance that is deducted? I understand if Workers’ Compensation stops paying me, that I wont be allowed back on retirement if I do this. But I could not live on the amount anyway and I do need the money now.

Q. I’m currently receiving Worker’s Comp. payments for a work related knee injury in July 2012. I’ve had two surgeries and tried numerous physical therapy sessions and the problem has only worsened. I’m in pain all the time. I haven’t returned to work since my injury. I told my doctor that I couldn’t keep up the therapy because it was too painful. My agency required a medical answer from my surgeon as to whether I was able to do anything. He stated that I was permanently incapacitated at this time. I was surprised my agency hadn’t separated me, and I…

Q. How does time spent on workers’ compensation for full and partial disability count toward CSRS retirement? I was injured after 13 years of civil service, was fully disabled two years, partially disabled (25 percent) for 10 years, and returned to work from 2003 to the present. To calculate CSRS Offset retirement, do the two years on full disability count as two years creditable service? Do the 10 years on 25 percent partial disability count as 10 years or 2½ years creditable service?

Q. I am on leave without pay and Department of Labor workers’ compensation due to an injury which occurred on duty as a federal agent. I had surgery 16 months ago. I am still having issues that prevent me from returning to work at this time. I am undergoing physical therapy and pain management. Doctors are recommending more surgeries, epidural treatments, PT, etc. Keeping in mind that additional surgeries and epidurals may not be beneficial and come with additional risks, do I have to take the doctors’ recommendations?  Do I have the option to say I have had enough poking…

Q. I am 61 years old. I will have 30 years with the Postal Service on April 9. I have 735 hours of unused sick leave on the books. I am on workers’ compensation, still a USPS employee and on leave without pay. Can I retire (NOT disability retirement) right now and use my unused sick leave hours to reach to my full 30-year retirement date of April 9?

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