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Q. I resigned from VA in 1996. I had both accrued annual leave and restored leave. Upon my resignation, I was paid for the annual leave only, which I did not notice at the time. I was rehired by VA in 2000. In reviewing old paperwork, I noticed that I had not been paid for the restored leave. I have asked my HR department to review but have received no response. Am I still entitled to payment for the restored leave I had in 1996?

Q. Please tell me approximately how much money I will receive upon expecting to retire June 3 with accrued annual leave of 240 hours, use-or-lose of 208 hours, plus 49 years of government service? A. To find out the gross amount you’d receive, multiply your hours of unused annual leave by your hourly rate of basic pay. For example, if you had 240 hours of unused annual leave and your rate of basic pay was $20 an hour, then your lump-sum payment would be $4,800. However, the amount you will receive will be less because federal taxes, state taxes (where…

Q: I will be retiring from the Postal Service through the Civil Service Retirement System shortly. Will I be paid for any holidays that occur during my accrued annual leave? A: At retirement, unused annual leave is projected forward. The amount of money you receive in a lump-sum payment will be identical to what you would have received if you were still on the job working eight hours a day, 40 hours a week and 80 hours a pay period.