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Q. On the high-3 for annuity purpose, what actually counts? Just base salary, salary plus overtime or salary plus overtime and other earning (deployment incentives such as danger pay and post differential pay)? I know a number of federal employees have deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan and received temporary promotions, additional overtime hours, danger pay and post differential pay, plus some also received separate maintenance allowance. Do these extras count toward the high-3?

Q: Why is it that the GS base salary does not equal the annual salary when multiplied out? (I’m a GS 13/3 in D.C. My annual salary is $94,969.  My base salary is computed as $45.51/hour x 80 hours x 26 weeks = $94,660.80, a difference of $308.20, or approximately 38 hours). We’re in the middle of refinancing the house and the bank is asking. A: Regardless of what you see on a pay chart, your basic pay will always be the actual amount received during a calendar year, which, by law, is 2,087 hours long.