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Q. I am planning to retire at the end of this year and may have both credit and compensatory leave balances at that time. Is my agency required to pay me for this unused leave, or is it optional? A. While comp time will be paid at the overtime rate in effect when it was earned, credit hours have no cash value and will be liquidated when you retire.

Q. I am a CSRS employee who has applied for immediate retirement on Aug. 31. I currently have 310 days annual leave; 165 use-or-lose hours; 67 sick leave hours. What will be paid and what will not be paid? If I am denied to take leave or comp time because of mission demands, what will be the result for the time accumulated? A. Unused annual leave will be projected forward as though you were still on the rolls and paid at the hourly rate in effect at that that time. Any unused compensatory time will be paid at the overtime…

Q: Are federal employees authorized to use compensatory leave when they are performing military duty either on active duty orders or on military training status? National Guard Technicians routinely use compensatory leave for military duty when they have exhausted their military leave. A: I haven’t found anything that says you can’t use compensatory time in lieu of annual leave while on active duty.