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Q. I retire under FERS at age 60. When I reach 62, how does this affect my offset? Do I have the option to continue offset until age 67 or will I automatically start drawing Social Security at age 62? A. What you are referring to is the special retirement supplement. The SRS approximates the amount of Social Security benefit you earned while a FERS employee. It ends at age 62 when you first become eligible for a Social Security benefit. It’s entirely up to you when you apply for that benefit.

Q. As a FERS letter carrier, if I retire and have 600 hours of unused annual leave, will I get a check for the 600 hours or is 440 the most I can get payed at retirement? A. Because you are a postal service letter carrier, your lump-sum payment for unused annual leave is limited to 440 hours.

Q. I have 24 years of service in federal law enforcement. Nov. 25 will make 25 years government service. I am 52 and will retire this year. I have heard and read the best dates for FERS to retire in 2014 are May 31, June 28, Nov. 29 and Dec. 28. I’ve read no matter which day in the month a FERS employee retires, the employee’s retirement becomes effective the first day of the following month. The first annuity check will then be dated the first day of the following month. If I retire on Oct. 18, the end of…

Q. I am 65 and still working but at this time, I have not or did not buy back my military time, is there an age limit where I do not have to buy it back, or yes, if I want the extra money, I will have to buy it back? A. There isn’t an age limit on when you may make a deposit to get credit for your active-duty service. The only requirement is that you make that deposit before you retire. Note: If you are a CSRS employee who doesn’t make a deposit, you’ll still get credit for…

Q. I am 53 years  and eight months old, I have 28 years and eight months civil service. I am in FERS. My agency is offering the VERA/VSIP. If I submit an application and I am accepted for either of these would this affect my Social Security supplement? My MRA is 56. Does the MRA change with the VERA/VSIP? A. No, your MRA doesn’t change nor does the amount of the SRS you’re entitled to. They remain the same.

Q. I worked for the post office for 23 years under FERS and resigned at the age of 48 to work in the private sector. I am 53 and would like to know when I would be eligible to receive retirement benefits. Also, I worked for four years with the state government. Would those years count towards retirement? A. If you didn’t receive a refund of your retirement contributions when you left, you’d be eligible for a deferred annuity at age 60. That annuity would be based solely on your years of FERS service.

Q. I am a retired FERS employee — 59 years old, with 25 years of federal service. I retired two years ago under VERA VSIP. My employer (Defense Department) was reducing the workforce due to budget cuts and abolished my job. I paid into Social Security for 42 years. I have some health issues and am considering applying for Social Security disability. My question is: Will Social Security disability retirement affect my FERS annuity?

Q. I have been employed in New York and I’m under the NYS Employee Retirement System. Would any portion of my New York civil service time count as creditable service in the FERS system if I were to gain employment under the federal retirement system? A. No, it would not.

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