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Q. Does a person have seniority when two people in the same section are applying for the same job? Both have the same experience, one from active duty and retired from active duty of 23 years. But he will only have two years as a federal employee in August 2014. The other has 12 years federal service and 11 years active duty. Both are a GS-07 and looking to apply for a GS-09. I realize management has the right to hire anyone who they feel is qualified.

Q. I was a former term employee with Army from Nov. 23, 2008, to Dec. 22, 2010. My last SF-50 was as GS-12, step 3. The Department of Veterans Affairs just offered me a position as GS-07, step 1. I thought they would have to pay me for GS-07, step 10 vice step 1? A. No. However, you can ask to be hired at a higher step. An agency has no obligation to agree to that. But it may, based on your prior experience and earnings.

Q: This regards the recently enacted legislation that allows retirees to return to work on a part-time, limited basis. I noticed in a recent inquiry regarding annual leave, the following statement was made: “When you retire, unused annual leave is projected forward as if you were still on the agency’s rolls. If you were to return to work for the government after retiring, you would have to refund the money for any days that have not gone by.” My agency is considering hiring me back for two weeks after I retire to clean up some leftover work, but as a…