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Q: I’m over 50 years old and in a Federal Employees Retirement System law enforcement position with more than 22 years of 6(c) covered time. I am considering retirement. I also have more than 30 years in the National Guard and will draw a reserve retirement before age 60. Once I am retired and receiving my federal annuity, can I then accept a GS-grade position with the National Guard without affecting my annuity? A: No.

Q: I served eight years on active duty in the Army and then went into the National Guard. While in the National Guard, I began working for the federal government. I bought back the eight years of service in the Army and plan to draw a federal pension as well as a National Guard retirement. Will either retirement offset the other? A: No, there wouldn’t be any reduction. You’d get the full amount of each retirement benefit.

Q: Will I have to retire from my federal job with Customs and Border Patrol with a medical retirement from the National Guard? I was called up for military duty. I bought back eight years of military service and have seven years with CBP for a total of 15 years. A: As a rule, medical retirement from the National Guard would have no bearing on your employment by the Customs and Border Patrol. It would only affect that employment if your medical condition were such that it made you unable to provide useful and efficient service there.

Q: I was a member of the New Jersey National Guard for about a year and later joint the active duty Army. I made a deposit for my active duty time. Can I get credit for the time I spend on active duty for basic and advance individual training as a member of the National Guard. A: No, you cannot get credit for that time.

Q: I am on medical retirement from the National Guard. Do I have to retire from my federal job? A: A: If you are a military reserve technician who is required to maintain a specific military grade in order to continue in your civilian employment, the answer is yes.

Q: I am currently in the California Army National Guard and am 99 percent sure I will be medically discharged after being in for over 32 years. I only have 15 years as a dual-status military technician. I am hearing that soldiers who have returned from Iraq or Afghanistan with “combat-related injuries” are being told that they cannot keep their jobs as it is intended by the change in the law governing the requirement to be a member of the National Guard. Can you point me in the direction of someone that can help? Reference: Title 10 USC 10216 (g),…

Q: I am a federal firefighter (GS-0081). Prior to entering federal civilian service, I was on active duty in the Army for seven years and I am currently a National Guardsman. I will retire from the National Guard in three years. If I choose to buy back the seven years of active-duty time for my Federal Employees Retirement System retirement, will I have to forfeit the National Guard retirement or that portion of the National Guard retirement? A: No — if you make a deposit for your active-duty time, you won’t have to forfeit any part of your National Guard…