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Q: I have 2.5 years of credible service with the U.S Postal Service. I will be accepting a GS/GG job very shortly. Does the time count toward vacation or retirement time? What type of documentation do I need to provide when I’m hired in three weeks? A: Yes, it counts. And the information about your prior employment will be included in your official personnel folder (OPF), which either will be forwarded to your new agency or given to you to do that.

Q: I am under FERS. I had a break in service. I left service in 1987. I’m pretty sure I did not draw out any retirement contributions. How can I verify that I didn’t? A: Begin by looking at your service computation date. If it reflects you earlier period of service, then you have proof that you didn’t get a refund of your retirement contributions. If you haven’t been credited with that time and your official personnel folder doesn’t contain any information about your prior service, you can call the National Personnel Records Center at 314-801-9250.