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Q. As a WG/WL shift worker who change days off every four weeks and works Sunday premium days and all holidays, can I count on these extras in my retirement pot? I am almost certain that overtime and bonuses are not included. I have looked in 2012/2011 almanac for the answer. To me, the almanac is geared toward the GS side of the family. I am planning on retiring soon after 41 years. From what I can see, my high-3 is based on straight M-F day shift base pay.

Q. I’m planning to retire from CSRS on Nov. 2, 2012, with 37.6 years. Can I sell back my comp time along with my annual leave, or do I need to take it before I retire? A. As a rule, any unused compensatory time you still have to your credit will be paid in a lump sum at the overtime rate in effect when the leave was earned. However, compensatory time earned during non-duty hours while on TDY has no cash value.

Q. I receive 25 percent administratively uncontrollable overtime as an 1801. Can you please define specifically who or what positions are covered  and who would get their AUO counted as stated below: “All federal annuities are computed using an employee’s basic pay. …With the exception of administratively uncontrollable overtime paid to certain law enforcement officers.” A. You’ll find the official answer at

Q: I am a GS-11 who has my overtime hourly rate capped at $38.31. Is there a calculator available that will help me decide how many overtime hours to take pay for as opposed to taking compensatory time? At a certain point, it is not worthwhile to take overtime pay because of the increase in the amount of federal tax withdrawn? A: I’m not aware of any such calculator. However, if anyone out there is, please let me know and I’ll share the information with our readers.

Q: I am a federal firefighter who works a 72-hour workweek. This is the required hours that I work. As a GS-8, Step 9, I make $83,658 per year. However, my “High Three” would be based off of the firefighter base pay of $73,906. I know that the difference is overtime. However, the overtime is part of the required hours for a firefighter’s tour of duty. My question is, why is our retirement not based on the higher pay? Seeing that this is what we are really paid and not the  so-called base pay of 73,906. If a federal employee…