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Q. I am a Defense Department civilian employee under FERS. My date of birth is March 15, 1954. My EOD was Oct. 1, 2007, which gives me five years of service. I have accrued 111.75 hours of annual leave, 80 hours of sick leave and 8.5 credit hours as of the pay period ending Oct. 6. I do not meet eligibility requirements for an early retirement under FERS, so If I resign within the next few weeks, what is the process I need to go through, and what can I expect as far as payout? Will I lose any of…

Q. I am a Civil Service Retirement System employee who will be retiring Dec. 31. I currently have 360 hours of CY2010 carryover leave (based on my overseas assignment). I also have 120 hours of use or lose for CY2011, for a total of 480 hours. When I retire, will I get annual leave payout for 480 hours? A. Yes.

Q: I plan on retiring Dec. 3. I am a Civil Service Retirement System employee. Can I delay my lump-sum payment for unused annual leave until January 2011? A: In most cases, lump-sum payments are made at the same time that an agency closes out an employee’s file and authorizes a final check covering his last days on the payroll. You’ll have to check with your payroll office to learn when they expect that to happen.