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Q. I worked for the post office for 12 years (1988-2000). I resigned and now work in law enforcement. When I retire from my job at age 55, will I receive a retirement check from the post office as well for the years I worked there? A. If you didn’t ask for a refund of your retirement contributions when you left, you’d be entitled to a deferred FERS annuity at age 62.

Q. I work for the postal service. Can I buy back the time I was on workers’ compensation? Does it count toward my retirement? A. Because you weren’t approved for disability retirement, the time you spent on workers’ compensation will be treated as Leave Without Pay and will be fully creditable for determining your length of service and used in the computation of your annuity. No deposit is required for you to get than credit.

Q. As a FERS letter carrier, if I retire and have 600 hours of unused annual leave, will I get a check for the 600 hours or is 440 the most I can get payed at retirement? A. Because you are a postal service letter carrier, your lump-sum payment for unused annual leave is limited to 440 hours.

Q. I will turn 65 next May and have retired from the post office after 33 years. I have BC/BS with the post office, and I’m also with the VA. What happens with my coverage from the post office when I turn 65? Do I have to keep the coverage since I’m with the VA? A. Your BC/BS enrollment is under the Federal Employees Health Benefits program. It doesn’t make any difference which agency you were working for when you enrolled or which one you are working for now.

Q. I’m looking to retire after 38 years of federal service, including 4+ military & 4+ postal. I left the post office and returned to federal service a year later in 1985. I was included as a CSRS Offset, paid my military deposit and have paid into Social Security for over 39 yrs. When I retire, will my CSRS retirement be affected by a reduction when I apply and receive Social Security, or will my Social Security be reduced? The way I read most articles, is that I will receive my federal pension and Social Security without a reduction. Am…

Q. I worked for the post office from 1980 to 1990 and then quit to attend grad school. Although I’ve since become successful, immediately after grad school I needed money and so withdrew it from my CSRS account. Will I be eligible to go back on CSRS if I return to federal service?

Q. My USPS retirement eligibility date is Dec. 30 (56th birthday).  My annuity projection shows about a $10,000 difference if retiring Dec. 30 vs. April 15 next year, which would be exactly 30 years.  Is this  correct? A. If you retired at your MRA but with fewer than 30 years of service, you’d be retiring under the MRA+10 provision, which would reduce your annuity by 5 percent for every year you were under age 62. To avoid that hit, you’ll need to wait until you have 30 years of service to retire.

Q. My ex-husband is retiring from the post office and right now he covers our 21-year-old daughter on his insurance plan. Will he still be able to keep himself and her covered with the same cost he is paying now, or will the cost be higher?

Q. I am an injured postal worker and I have many  conditions that  have accrued as a result of my past 12 years at the Postal Service carrying mail. I just met with the surgeon who did my last carpal tunnel surgery, and he told me that I should start exploring my options and consider medical retirement. Where do I begin to start the ball rolling and who do I need to get in contact with to help me through this difficult time? A. Download a copy of Standard Form 3112 (Documentation in Support of Disability Retirement), available at…

Q. My mother is 66 and a letter carrier with 32 years of employment with the Postal Service. She loves her job, but as cuts are made and demands are harsher, she was wondering what would happen if she were to go to work one day and decide she wants to retire immediately. She wants to be sure that she could still get her accrued annual in a lump-sum payment. She als wants to know how long would it take for her to start receiving benefits?

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