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Q. I have a friend under CSRS who is eligible to retire. If he retires and then changes his mind about being retired, can he be hired/reinstated into another agency at the same grade? Would he lose his CSRS retirement? A. Once he is retired, he’s on his own when it comes to seeking other employment. He would only be hired at the same grade if his qualifications match the job for which he is applying. If he was hired, in most cases the salary of his new position would be offset by the amount of his annuity. In rare…

Q: The secretary of Defense authorized agencies to rehire annuitants with full pay and full annuities on March 18, 2004. If I retire under disability (through the Federal Employees Retirement System) and am rehired under this authority, am I still subject to the Office of Personnel Management’s 80 percent rule, whereby I would lose my disability annuity if I earn more than 80 percent of my former salary? A: Disability annuitants cannot be hired under this authority.

Q: I retired from the Navy Department and am now looking to apply as a rehired annuitant. where can I submit my resume?  A: Start be asking the folks in your former activity’s personnel office. If they don’t have the answer, they can ask someone higher up. Concurrently, you can search for job openings posted at