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Q. I resigned from VA in 1996. I had both accrued annual leave and restored leave. Upon my resignation, I was paid for the annual leave only, which I did not notice at the time. I was rehired by VA in 2000. In reviewing old paperwork, I noticed that I had not been paid for the restored leave. I have asked my HR department to review but have received no response. Am I still entitled to payment for the restored leave I had in 1996?

Q. I’m planning to retire at the end of 2012. In addition to my annual use-or-lose leave, I have 105 hours of restored leave that expires in December 2013. Do I need to bring the combined total of my leave down to the maximum 240 carryover, or could I get paid for 240 hours in the annual unused leave plus the 105 restored leave? A. As long as you retire before the end of the leave year, you’ll receive a lump-sum payment for all your unused annual leave.

Q. I plan on retiring at the end of 2012. I will have 448 hours of annual leave and 137 of restored leave. Will I be paid for the total of 585 hours of annual and restored leave at retirement? A. Yes, as long as the time period for using the restored leave hasn’t expired.

Q: Is Base Closure and Realignment restored leave taxable when distributed? My CPO is telling me yes but cannot cite any regulation. I recall from an earier question you answered that you said that BRAC leave had already been taxed when earned and therefore no withholding would be imposed on the payout. Can someone give me the chapter and verse? Our installation closes in 2011, and many of us have built up large BRAC balances. A: I think your memory is playing tricks on you. Annual leave isn’t taxable when it’s earned, nor is it taxable when restored. Annual leave…