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Q. I worked for the U.S. Postal Service under CSRS for 17 years and resigned in 1988 to work in private industry. I left my contributions in the retirement fund. Several years later, I went to work for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a FERS employee. Can my time with USPS be used toward my retirement with the Department of Veterans Affairs?

Q. I worked for the Social Security Administration from 1969 to 1971. I am now 63 and looking to retire at 66. In reviewing my Social Security statement, I see that nothing went into Social Security during those two years. I understand from the SSA that Social Security was not being withheld at that time but employees who worked at SSA received civil service pension benefits. Nothing was paid to me when I left SSA. How do I find out if I have any earned benefits during that period? A. You didn’t work for the federal government long enough to…

Q. I worked for 16 years at Kelly Air Force Base, and when the base closed, I withdrew my retirement contributions. I was told I was eligible to receive only what I had contributed to my retirement. Does this mean I lose what the government put into my retirement fund, or am I still entitled to that money? A. No, by law you weren’t entitled to the government’s contributions, only the ones you made.

Q: When someone re-deposits money withdrawn from the retirement fund, is the interest they paid included in computing their annuity? If it is not, does that money go into some kind of general account? A: No, the interest paid is not included in the annuity computation. It goes into the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund and replaces the interest lost when the refund was made.