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Q. I have been a federal employee for 28 years and can retire in two years. My husband has been a federal employee for six years and will not reach retirement age (62) for 12 more years. I have been carrying FEHB benefits for our family. We have structured life insurance (outside of FEGLI) so that neither of us will have to rely on survivor benefits for income. I am trying to decide whether to elect the reduced survivor benefit so I can retire with the FEHB benefits for the family or whether we should switch FEHB benefits to my…

Q. I am enrolled in FEHB, but my wife has her insurance under her own employer. When I retire, can my wife switch her insurance to FEHB if she retires three year later and keeps her insurance with her employer until she retires? Does she need to be part of FEHB for five years before I retire?

Q. I am a Defense Department employee in CSRS. I am 55 and have 30-plus years of service. I can retire tomorrow with an annuity. I am married and have a 21-year-old son who is in school. Will he still be covered under my Blue Cross medical benefits should I retire? A. I’m assuming that you have self and family coverage and that you will have been enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program for the five consecutive years before you retire. If so, your son can continue that coverage up to age 26.