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Q. I was injured in September 2010 and was out of work until I retired on disability in March 2011. I exhausted my annual and sick leave, since my initial workers’ compensation claim was denied. After numerous appeals, my workers’ compensation claim was approved in October 2011. I began receiving interim retirement payments in September 2011 but have yet to receive payment from OPM for annual and sick leave I would have accumulated during that period. I have contacted DFAS and OPM, along with filing two congressionals regarding this issue, but no resolution. Shouldn’t I be paid for the time…

Q. I understand that credited sick leave will not influence how the high-3 is calculated. But will credited sick leave count toward annuity calculation in meeting age or service requirements to receive the 1.1 percent factor? If a person has 19 years and six months day-for-day in FERS and adds/applies eight months of unused sick leave, will this qualify for the 1.1 percent calculation factor (high-3 x .011 x 20 years two months)?

Q. I was told I am included in the catch 62 provision. I served four years in the Air Force from 1974 to 1978 and began Postal Service employment in 1979 (to present). I’d like to retire this year. I also have 2,282 hours of sick leave, and my service computation begins in 1975.

Q. I am a CSRS Offset employee in a law enforcement position. I plan to retire Sept. 1 at the age of 50 with eligibility service credit of 23 years, nine months, and 12 days. I have over 650 hours of sick leave. My computation service credit is 30 years, 11 months, and nine days without including the 650 hours of sick leave. Does including the 650 hours of sick leave to my computation service credit provide me with any additional annuity? Also, will my annuity be based on my eligibility service credit or my computation service credit?

Q. I am planning on taking a FERS MRA+10 postponed retirement in 2016, when I will be 56 and have 25 years of federal experience. a) What is the earliest age I can receive unreduced benefits? Can I start at 60 since I will have more than 20 years of federal service? b) Will any unused sick leave be credited toward my years and months of service at that point? c) How do I start receiving benefits when I am ready?

Q. I can retire in three years at age 56 (my minimum retirement age) with 33 years of service. I should have more than a year’s worth of sick leave at that time. I know the unused sick leave will be added to my total years for annuity computation purposes, but will it also be added to my total years for the special retirement supplement computation?

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