Q. What are the rights of a federal retired annuitant to get rehired by the Social Security Administration? A. If you are asking if an agency has an obligation to rehire an annuitant, the answer is no. That answer applies to the annuitant’s former agency and any other government agency.

Q. I’m under CSRS and I’m starting to think about retiring. Before my federal employment, I got 20 quarters for Social Security. Is it worth it for me to work after retirement to get the additional 20 quarters? I know there is an off-set, but I need to know the pros and cons of doing this. I have paid into TSP but didn’t start it as early as I would have liked and don’t have that much built up in the fund. I’m concerned I might not have enough money for my golden years. I need to know if Social…

Q. My dad, who paid Social Security all his life, died at age 70 and my mom subsequently retired from the postal service and has a CSRS pension. Shouldn’t my mom be able to get spousal benefits from Social Security?

Q. Normally when you take early retirement as ATC, you receive your retirement and a Social Security supplement until eligible for Social Security. If you retire under a medical disability, is there a supplement? A. No, there isn’t.

Q. I have 56 years with 31 years of federal service under FERS and TSP. A friend tells me that we will have to pay Social Security FICA after we retire at age 56. Is this correct? A. The only way that could happen is if you were employed in a job from which Social Security taxes were deducted. FICA taxes are never deducted from an annuity.

Q. I receive CSRS OFFSET reduced benefits after working 29 years with the federal government. I am also covered with 30+ years substantial earnings for Social Security benefits. I turned 65 in May. When I turned 62, I started to have my CSRS payments reduced by the amount of SSA benefits I was entitled to if I was receiving them. I am still working full time and plan to continue for the next few years. Will this offset stop at any age, or will my CSRS payments always be offset by my SSA benefits? A. The offset to your CSRS…

Q. I am a federal employee who will retire under CSRS. I also get Social Security. My wife will also will retire soon under CSRS. If I die, can she get my Social Security benefits? A. Her Social Security survivor benefit would be subject to the government pension offset provision of law, which will reduce it by $2 for every $3 she receives in her CSRS annuity. In most cases, the GPO wipes out that benefit.

Q. I am a federal employee hired in June 1981 and I have been working for government continuously since then. I am enrolled in CSRS. I served in the Navy from September 1973 to September 1977. What affect will CSRS Offset have on my retirement? I have 34 quarters of Social Security contributions, 16 while in the Navy and 18 before I started my civil service career. I do not plan on ever collecting Social Security. I do not want to go back to work once I retire just to get a minimum benefit from Social Security. A. If you…

Q. I am receiving a CSRS pension since 2005 obtained under a VERA/VSIP authority. I have recently become disabled and I am considering SSDI. I have enough quarters but not 30 years. Will this affect my CSRS pension? I am 58 years old. A. I you were approved for SSDI, it would have no affect on your CSRS annuity.

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