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Q. I have been a 30-year employee at a VA medical center. I will have reached my MRA at the time of retirement at 56. I was hired at full time but I changed to part time in 1988. Do I still qualify for the SRS, and if so, how is it calculated?

Q. I retire under FERS at age 60. When I reach 62, how does this affect my offset? Do I have the option to continue offset until age 67 or will I automatically start drawing Social Security at age 62? A. What you are referring to is the special retirement supplement. The SRS approximates the amount of Social Security benefit you earned while a FERS employee. It ends at age 62 when you first become eligible for a Social Security benefit. It’s entirely up to you when you apply for that benefit.

Q. I will be 52 and have 29 years of technician service (32 years National Guard) under FERS. If I was diagnosed with a medical condition that ended my military career, would I be eligible for the non-reduced pension/Social Security Offset/ and access to my TSP, since I have 25 years, I am age 50 and would be losing my military position through no fault of my own?

Q. I retired from federal service in February 2010 under the FERS Special system and my MRA is Febuary 2016. I understand that if I work after February 2016, my FERS supplement will be means tested against how much I am making in salary. If I work after my MRA, making 150K for only two years and therefore lose my supplement during that time frame, would the supplement restart after I worked those two years, and would the supplement stay at the same amount as when I retired in February 2010?

Q. I can retire in June 2014 at 60 with 26 years in FERS. As it will be in June, I will have made more than the $15,000-plus earnings limit. If I max out my TSP contribution (approximately $11,000 for six months), my net working income will drop so I can get under the $15,000-plus earnings limit; will my special retirement supplement the following year be unreduced?

Q. I am looking at retiring next year in FERS as a federal firefighter with 30 years of service at age 53. I will receive the special retirement supplement. Until I turn 62, I will not be (possibly) paying into Social Security, so does that reduce the amount of Social Security I will receive according to my current projected Social Security payments at age 62? If I’m not paying into Social Security during the period before drawing Social Security affects the rate, does that change at age 57 when the earning limitations for Social Security hit even though you are…

Q. I will be 58 next year, when we are supposed to be RIF with the Postal Service if we have not found another EAS position. At that time I will have 24½ years in and be 58. I understand I will be eligible for DSR. How is the amount calculated? Is it the same as the FERS amount, is it permanent and can I still receive the FERS supplement? Can I receive DSR and FERS, or just the DSR or FERS? I don’t want to retire but am trying to see how I will be financially if I am…

Q. I took a job last year. After reporting my earnings to OPM this year, I will not be receiving a FERS Social Security supplement in the future. What happens to the money? Do I simply lose the funds? Does this increase my future Social Security payments?

Q. I have 13 years of service as a Secret Service special agent under FERS. I am considering leaving the service at 20 years, but I will be only 43. If I understand correctly, I must maintain a government job until age 50 to receive a retirement package that would give me a 41 percent retirement benefit (34 percent from my Secret Service time and 7 percent from the other government work from age 43-50) plus the full FERS special retirement supplement, as well as being able to maintain my FEHB. Is that true? Am I giving anything up by…

Q. I have a question about MRA+10 retirement. I am a FERS employee, age 58 with 26 years of service. Can I retire now on an unreduced annuity and also collect the special retirement supplement until I reach age 62? Or do I have to deduct 5 percent for each year I am under the age of 62? Or is the 5 percent deducted from age 60 because I have at least 25 years in? In any case, the ability to collect the supplement would be key for me.

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