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Q. I have been employed with DHS/OPR in a temporary promotion (GS-14) for seven years. During my fifth year of the TPro, I was transferred into another unit and location within OPR. I am into my seventh year as a TPro. Does any law convert the position into a permanent grade due to the longevity in the position?

Q. How is it determined who is best qualified for a temporary promotion when there is more than one candidate? Does seniority at the next lower grade come into play at all? Should there be an interview process when several candidates are interested? Who decides who is the best qualified when there is more than one applicant since there is no application process?

Q. I am eligible for CSRS retirement with 39+ years of service. I just completed a temporary promotion to manager for five months and some days. Will that pay increase be considered in my high-3 for retirement? A. Yes. A high-3 is based on the average of the three highest consecutive years (78 pay periods) of basic pay.

Q. I work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I am occupying a GL-09 position under a temporary promotion not to exceed 12 months which was effective Dec. 4. My salary is $64,124 a year. I am transferring to another agency. Will my pay be matched at the current level or my previous grade? The new position is starting as a GS-09 on a specialty scale 980 b for law enforcement security officers. A. As a rule, your new employer would set your pay at the level of your permanent position, not the one to which you were temporarily promoted.

Q. I’m a full-time FERS employee with 21 years of service and over 60 years in age. I am on a temporary promotion that is to “Not to Exceed 12/31/2012”. I am planning on retiring Nov. 30, a month before the temporary promotion expires. I am also planning on “selling” my 100 hours of unused annual leave at retirement. Will my leave be sold at my temporary promotion salary (GS-14) or at my permanent grade (GS-13)? A. Since your agency has the right to return you to your official position of record before you separate, the amount of your lump-sum…

Q. I retired from Federal Civilian Service on June 3. I received my final pay check which included my lump-sum payment for annual leave on Friday June 10. I was paid my regular earnings at my pay grade, GS-12, but my lump-sum payment for unused annual leave was paid at the pay rate for a GS-09. Thinking it was a mistake I called the activity payroll office and to my surprise I was told this was because my promotion to GS-12 was temporary and when I retired I was reverted back to my permanent grade GS-09 in order to pay…