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Q. My department is pushing “time-off awards,” probably as a way of adding compensation during the pay freeze. Are hours accrued through time off awards paid to the employee if unused at the time of retirement? A. No. According to the Office of Personnel Management, “The ‘currency’ of a time-off award is time, not money. Agencies have the authority to grant cash awards when they feel that is the appropriate form of recognition or incentive.”

Q: Should an employee always get a choice between comp time and overtime? Since overtime is 1½  your hourly wage, it seems comp time also should equal this in compensation. My nurse manager is offering comp time for those of us willing to come in early ( before our tour of 7-3:30 ). I would prefer overtime, but she says she can not offer this since it is not related to direct patient care. What are the rules/regulations on comp time and overtime in this and all matters. I am a GS nurse hourly-wage employee. A: See