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Q: Next year, I will move out of my Base Closing and Realignment Commission-related job and take a new, non-BRAC job at a lower pay rate. Will my BRAC-restored leave be paid out at my rate of pay at time of payout, at my rate of pay just before/upon moving out of BRAC, or at the various rates of pay at which the leave was earned? A: It will be paid at the rate of pay you were earning on the date your position transfered.

Q: I am a career federal employee. I still have a couple of years before I can retire. I have a family emergency on the other side of the U.S.  that I must attend to for several months. I have tried for months to find another federal job in that city, but have had no luck. I do have a hardship transfer approval. I have been told by my supervisors that I could use leave without pay. My question is this: Can I hold a nonfederal job while I am taking LWOP? I will need income when I move, and if I…

Q: I transferred from the Veterans Affairs Department to the Defense Department and my service computation date was not carried over. How do I fix this? A: You will have to put pressure on your new agency’s personnel office to obtain the necessary information to correct your records. While it will be sorted out in the long run, it’s better to settle the matter ASAP.

Q: If I am going from a federal job to a state job, does my federal time carry over to the state retirement plan? I reside in Illinois. A: You’ll have to ask someone in your state employment office; however, the likelihood is that it doesn’t carry over.

Q: Does time worked at the Federal Reserve count toward time worked for the Small Business Administration? A: It only counts if you waive any right to benefits from the Federal Reserve retirement system for that prior service and make a deposit into the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund. Your current agency can help you work out the details and may be able to arrange the transfer of the contributions you made to the Federal Reserve retirement system into your current retirement system.

Q: I was a government employee for just over three years (2000-2003) and had accumulated a considerable amount of sick leave during that period. After five years in the private sector, I am now back with the government. Did I forfeit all of the sick leave that I had on the books when I separated in 2003, or is that sick leave transferable to my current balance? A: Your previous unused sick leave balance should be recredited to you. — Reg Jones