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Q. I retired Jan. 3 with a Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay. I chose the two-payment option and was told I would receive half in June and the other half in December. It is now June and I have yet to receive the first payment. I would like to know who I would need to contact in regard to this situation.

Q. I am a Defense Department civilian and have met my minimum retirement age. I will not be eligible for full retirement under FERS until September 2015. By then, I will be 60 and will have 30 years of service. If I accepted a VERA/VSIP (I am on the offer list), would I get hit with an annuity reduction if the offer is not the result of a reduction in force? If I could take the offer without a reduction, would I also receive the special retirement supplement?

Q. I was born in 1966 and my organization may undergo a reduction in force. I anticipate that I will have the 50 years of age and 20 years of service by the time they may offer the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority/Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay. Please let me know if the minimum retirement age counts during a RIF if I am a FERS employee because my MRA is 56½, of which I will only be 50 years of age, so I need to know if I will be penalized 5 percent each year under MRA. Hoping that the 50/20 rule…

Q. I am eligible to retire October 2014 under FERS at age 56 (my minimum retirement age). Are you allowed to take both the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority and Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay? If not, which would be smarter to take?

Q. I will have 30 years with the U.S. government on May 24 (28 years with the Navy as a civilian employee). My minimum retirement age of 56 will not be met until Nov. 25. With the budget fiasco going on, might I be able to negotiate an early-out with the following at my 30-year service computation date: 1) A waiver of the MRA and retire in May. 2) Full Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay. 3) Full special retirement supplement. What do you think of this?

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